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The Review of 2020

                                                                                                                               The Review Of 2020                              

For the whole world, 2020 is a special and difficult year.

It was also a difficult year for our NOVOFLOW factory. In the face of the epidemic, we didn't have many orders from February to May, but we tried our best to provide our customers with masks for free and help them get through the epidemic. During this period, we sincerely communicated with customers and shared our experience on how to do with the epidemic. It was not only help  customers and us know each other, but also gained customers' trust.

After June, the epidemic situation stabilized, and customers began to place orders. From June to December, our factory was full of orders and worked overtime every day to finish orders on time.

On 2020, our sales amount creased by 50% compared with the last year. We are very grateful to the Chinese government for controlling the epidemic situation in China, so that we can successfully carry out production and live a normal life in a difficult year. At the same time, we also thank our customers for their business support to NOVOFLOW factory! We will better demand ourselves in 2021, maintain excellent product quality and provide better service to customers!

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