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The Review of 2021

                                                                                               The Review of 2021

2021 is an extraordinary year.

Epidemic situation, rising raw materials and sea freight, and delayed delivery have made NOVOFLOW's business more difficult. Our sales department has been patiently helping customers analyze the overall situation and continuously explain the reasons for the price increase. The design department also spent more time helping customers to make sales materials and advertisements. The production department continuously adheres to the two-shift working system to maximize the production efficiency and productivity and help customers receive the goods on time.

In 2021, we can deliver 17pcs containers every month. Compared with 2020, our production capacity has doubled. Our annual sales amounted to 8 million US dollars, an increase of 30% over last year. These data show customers' recognition of NOVOFLOW products, trust in salesmen and trust in the company. We are very grateful to our customers for their support, which gives us confidence in our future work. We hope that all our customers will achieve growth with our help.

The Chinese New Year is coming, we wish all customers and their families good health and all the best!


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